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Bible, Edward / Annual overall economic development program report, 1996/1997
(October 1996)

Chapter I: Administrative organization,   pp. [unnumbered]-6 PDF (2.5 MB)

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7.    Enhance agriculture as an economic force in southwestern Wisconsin through increasing farm
efficiencies, control of soil erosion and greater access into agriculture for future farmers.
8.    Develop the land resources and the geographical distribution of economic activity so as to
enhance the economic attractiveness and to ensure the greatest economic efficiencies within
southwestern Wisconsin.
9.    Enhance and promote the education, technical and vocational programs in southwestern
Wisconsin for the betterment of skill levels of the labor force, and ensure that people and
skills are matched with jobs.
10.    To reduce the expense of energy to the region's local governments, businesses and residents
by promoting energy conservation.
In order that economic development projects of broad geographic significance may be planned
and carried out, the Public Works and Economic Development Act enacted by Congress in 1965 (and
subsequently amended) authorizes the creation of "economic development districts". The U.S.
Economic Development Administration (EDA) provides financial assistance to designated agencies
for purposes of developing an Overall Economic Development Program (OEDP) to assist in alleviat-
ing economic distress, unemployment and underemployment. It also provides grants to communities
for public works projects that are directly linked to that economic development program.
The OEDP is a locally initiated planning process designed to create employment opportunities,
foster more stable and diversified local economies, improve local conditions, and provide a
mechanism for guiding and coordinating the efforts of local individuals and organizations concerned
with the economic development of the district.
The OEDP document describes the district's Overall Economic Development Program and
charts the course for development action. It examines the problems, needs, and resources of the  I
district and sets forth the goals of the development program, together with the strategy devised to
achieve these goals.
The OEDP document provides the basis for meeting the statutory requirement that public
works and economic development projects funded by EDA be consistent with an approved overall
program for the economic development of the district.
EDA approval of the initial OEDP document (submitted in 1985) was a prerequisite to official
action by EDA on designation of the Southwestern Wisconsin District. Designation confers eligibility
upon the district and its centers for public works and business development projects funded by EDA.
Approval of subsequent Annual OEDP Reports continues the eligibility status of the district for an
additional year.
The Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission was formally designated by the
U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, on August 4, 1986, as the

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