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Smith, Toni; Wedemeyer, Martha (ed.) / Tea and service : 100 year history of the Port Washington Woman's Club

History of Woman's Club

History of Woman's Club
On January 19, 1898, during the height of the Victorian era, a
group of Port Washington women met informally at the home
of Mrs. Wm. F. Scott to discuss the organization of a club for
women. They were addressed by Mrs. Graves of Milwaukee
and Mrs. W. H. Wright of Wauwatosa, who explained the
purpose of benefits of a woman's club. Following these talks,
the group voted to organize the Port Washington Woman's
Club. Mrs. Wright, acting as chairman of the afternoon,
appointed Mrs. C. F. Eckel, Mrs. Win. F. Scott, and Mrs. H. L. Coe to
a committee to draw up a constitution and by-laws. Mrs. Graves then
read a paper to the group on the usage and benefits of parliamentary
laws. The Port Washington Star reported the establishment of this new
chapter of the Women's Club in this article:
The Port Washington Star
An Organization with Twenty-Five Charter Members is Effected
Port Washington is now in line with a Women's Club, which
was organization last Tuesday. About twenty-five ladies assembled
at Dr. Scott's residence that afternoon and listened to Mrs. W, H.
Wright of Wauwatosa, president of the Women's Club of that place,
and Mrs. S. L. Graves, of Milwaukee, who explained the objects and
purposed of the organization. After considerable discussion the
ladies concluded to effect temporary officers: President, Mrs. E. S.
Turner; vice presidents, Mrs. T. J. Jones and Mrs. J.R. Dennett;
secretary, Mrs. H. L. Coe; assistant secretary, Mrs. Will Ramsey;
treasurer, Mrs. George H. Crowns. Annual dues were fixed at
$1.00. A constitution and by-laws were read and discussed, and
may be adopted at another meeting. The selection of a program
committee also awaits the next gathering, when Eugene Field and
his writings will be taken up after business shall have been finished.

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