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Port Washington centennial, 1835 - 1935 : one hundred years of progress

Port Washington schools,   pp. 18-19

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Port Washington has always been noted for its
athletics and the outstanding athletes it has pro-
duced. The earliest and most famous of all were
the World Champion Maroon Basket Ball Team in
1905. In football, baseball and track Port Wash-
ington teams have always ranked high in competi-
tion under the able management of Sam DeMerit.
There were not many facilities in those days
for the development of stars. For a track there
were the streets and alleys of the city, for a field,
the muddy, windswept meadow on the south bluff.
Now comes a new day with bright visions of a
modern stadium, in a most beautiful and ideal set-
ting. The city has recently consumated a deal for
the purchase of the Old Cassidy Property adjoin-
ing the New High School,-a quite peaceful valley
through which winds Sauk Creek. A thousand
miles into the country, yet in the very heart of the
Not all of this land will be developed at once
into the finished stadium you see visioned on this
page. Without marring the beauty of the ground,
there can be placed in the area a football field sur-
rounded by a running track of one-fifth mile and
straightaway of one hundred yards. The circular
area on which can be placed four tennis courts is
on a level two feet lower than the surrounding
ground elevation so that it can be flooded for skat-
ing and hockey. One regulation baseball diamond
is shown, and there is space for several soft ball
diamonds. Outdoor handball courts can readily be
placed into the hillside at several locations. The
valley to the east of the school building affords a
natural setting for an open air theatre which would
be used on many occasions for school and civic
It will be a source of great satisfaction and en-
joyment to the citizens of Port Washington when
the ultimate completion of one of the most beauti-
ful stadiums and High School Campuses in the
country is realized.
Improved Highways
Ozaukee County has a system of highways
which ranks at the very top of any in the state.
The county's greatest pride is not in the state and
federal roads, but in the system of improved county
and town roads. Farmers have been "out of the
mud" for many years and not one of them is more
than a mile from a high type gravel, asphalt or
concrete highway.
Port Washington is the hub to which comes a
network of roads from all points of the state:- U.
S. H. 141 and S. T. H. 42 from the north and the
south, S. T. H. 33 from the west, S. T. H. 84 from
the northwest and S. T. H. 60 from the southeast.
In addition three first class improved county trunk
highways lead to neighborhood communities.

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