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Port Washington centennial, 1835 - 1935 : one hundred years of progress

Port Washington's new lake park,   p. 2

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Port Washington's
New Lake Park
Wen finally completed, Lake Shore Park will be
one of the prettiest parks in the state. It is
made up of sixty-three acres which were purchased
by the city for $25,000.
To the extreme West is a wild life refuge along
which runs a graveled drive. At the end of the
drive is a pavilion with a full view of the waters of
Lake Michigan lying far below. As most of the park
is situated on the bluff heights, provision has been
made not only for the drive but also for winding
steps and paths.
One set of steps leads up to the half-way pla-
teau. Numerous seats are placed there to provide a
broad open air resting place. The steps wind up
farther to the unique Memorial Point.
Memorial Point will be dedicated to the Ameri-
can Legion and War Mothers. On the very edge of
the bluff is the tall dedicatory flag pole. A bluff
drive is planned that will encircle Memorial Point.
The whole park is well laid out with groves of
trees, Indian trails, footpaths, and in the North
part, a real athletic field. In the center and sur-
rounded by trees is a broad meadow suitable for
Below the bluff stands the band concert shell.
Next to that is the luxurious bath house. Farther
in the background is a wading lagoon with a spring
rill. The beach and lagoon are patrolled by capable
life guards.
The band concert shell is used weekly for con-
certs and attracts listeners from miles around. It
is built of antique brick which has been incorporated
into a very pleasing and harmonizing design. En-
gineers have designed the shell so that it is scientifi-
cally and accoustically perfect. The whole interior
is floodlighted and during the evening presents a
beautiful sight.
The new bath house was started in 1934. Its
cost was about eight thousand dollars and it is de-
signed to harmonize with the other buildings.
Antique brick is used here also. The equipment is
modern and the entire structure is capable of hand-
ling the largest crowds.
A good view of the lake can be had from the
bath house and life guards can be seen always on
duty keeping a vigilant watch over swimmers and
bathers. The city has added as part of its protective
equipment, two special pulmotors.
With all the contemplated features that Port
Washington will incorporate, Lake Shore Park will
easily be the most beautiful spot in the state. And
glorifying the various improvements is the ever
present lake. Lake Michigan as a background, is
beyond compare for grandeur and beauty.
New Band Concert Shell

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