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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Mequon restaurants

Menouon Restaurants
..   r.nown as a place where one could find
some 0    re finest restaurants serving tho fiet of cusines.
One of the early places of such restaurants connected with
a place of recreation was Schucks resort. This place was
located in the southeastern part of I4equon, on the Lake
fiichigan shore line. A pier was built extending out into
the lake. This was located at the entrance of a creek,
called , ucker Greek.  The name of the creek originated from
the time when the neighbors to the resort and others who had
permission came here with dip nets and went home with bounti-
ful catches of fish. This creek flowed east and west through
a r-virne bordering on both sides with a 17 acre parcel of
heaviwy w-ooded land. Species of trees and shrubs were found
to grow here' that were not found anywhere north of this lo-
cation. This parcel of land still is property in which
each landowner of Fairy chasm subdivision lots has an interest.
Attem.pts were frequently made by individual owners who owned
a parcel of land in the Fairy Chasm Subdivision, but were
defeated every time. The opposing lot owners wanted to
reserve it as a nature park where other ;eople who were
not lot owners could by permission have access to and enjoy
nature at its finest.
A passenger boat came from f ;i lwaukee loaded with passengers
for $chucks Resort.   This boat was loaded with passengers
that could afford this kind of recreation.   The pier was
built out into the lake for the passengers to be able to go

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