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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Fox farms

Fox Farms
Among the outstqnding industries in lequon were the fox
fC Tr,, -Isrr f-r were all conducted and controlled by
the Nieman'arf  or the r'romm s. Large sums of money were
spent by these fox breeders annually in maintaining ex-
perimental stations to curb diseases of foxes raised in
confined quarters.
I'or reasons not understood, reciprocal trade agreements with
foreign countries reduced the tariff onfox pelts from 50%
to 37- ,a nd by reason of increased importations the fox
pelt market for the United States was considerable demor-
alized. For instance, during July 1938, the importations
were thirteen times as great as the same month in 1938. Some
relief had been afforded by fox farms in Wisconsin having
been exeTr-,pted from Social Security laws, which had been a
burden .
After the pea canning factory was discontinued and sold, it
was taken over by John F. Nieman, for fox farm operation.
Logs were shipped from hermansville and sawed into lumber
for fox huts. The saw dust was used for insulation on the
A resolution was presented at an annual Town meeting
pursuant to a complaint filed by farmers that the crows and
starlings attracted by the fox farms through the food given
them intheir pens, and they dug nut corn that was planted and
ate it, and did other damage.   The resolution also provided
that a bounty of 5 cents for each starling and 15 cents

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