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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

World War I

along with the driver to take him from one place to another.
The affected families were not always living close to one
another, so the Doctor would take advantage of the time and
take a nap. The driver of the team would also take advantage
to unhitch his team, andfeed them at the farmer's place.
The declaration of war was an era of great prosperity for
those who were privileged to stay at home, or those that were
too old or too young to be drafted. This prosperty lasted
until 1929, when the stock market took a tumble, the banks
closed and business was practically at a standstill. No
credit was extended for the purchase of essentials or other-
wise. Mequon was exceptionally lucky in that the Thiensville
State Bank was given permission to open for business within
a few days.  This bank was rated as sound financial condi-
tion due to the management and sound collateral. In November
of 1932, a presidential election was scheduled and held.
The annual spring election was held in April of 1932.
Due to the death of the Town Clerk, Harvey Schubert in Feb.
of 1932, a vacancy existed in the office.   The Town Board ha
appointed lrs. Irma Schubert to fill the vacancy up to the
ti:e . new one was elected.  Tere was   1,au sUramble for
the o-f'4. L Sver candiates ran for the office.   Carl F.
Wilbert wiac riected by a sm~all majority.  In the 1933 annual
election, he again had two opponents. He was elected Town
Clerk by the great majority in the 1 1933 election. He was
reelected every time up to and until 1957, when the township
was changed fror a township to a City of the 4th Class.

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