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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

World War I

World War I
On April 6, 1917, :resident Woodrow Wilson, declared war
against the Germans.   One of their U Boats sank the United
States passenger ship Lusitana. Everyone drowned. The
declaration of war by the President naturally created a lot
of anxiety and worry.
The draft board was immediately called into action. lore
than 72 boys from Thiensville-Mequon either enlisted or
were drafted.   Some of them were wounded in action.   Only
two died in service. A book entitled "Wisconsin in the
World War" will give one a complete resume of all of those
within draft age at that time, whether drafted, enlisted or
exempt from serving. Those that where not in active service
were crJald.^ ,on to do some kind of duty at home, such as
acting on committees to sell WCr Bonds, etc.   The ladies
 c to knct ;oucks and mittens, sweater;, etc.  Every
one wcas willing to participate.
Great joy was had when the word spread that a truce was
made on Nov. 11, 1919.
In 1918, the influenza epidemic struck Wisconsin, and
especially so, the Town of lkequon.  In 1919 it was worse.
One death after another occured. Dr. A. C. Certhaus was
very busy taking care of his patients which included all
the members of the family. Adding to the misery was the
terrific snow fall those winters. This prevented the doctor
from usin<; his automobile. He had to hire a team of horses

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