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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

The Thiensville Dam

now and left to wash out completely, restoration would cost
many times more, construction authorities said. The damage
to fish and wild life, the view of the river and stench in
the interim would be incurable. The rapidly dropping of
the water level in the river leaving ugly mud flats and tin
cans, bottles and other debri, exposed to the view along
the shore., prompted many river shore residents to burn up
the tlephone lines asking, "How come".
The dam being under federal supervision and control com-
plicated matters. Many of their rules and regulations had
to be strictly complied with.   One of the rules was that no
money could be voted for and given to anyone but the owner.
The present owner of' the property (dam) agreed to transfer
ownership to the Mequon Township Advancement Assoc. for
the purpose of receiving the money to be used for the reapir
of the dam. Title to the dam was transferred as per agreement.
A special meeting of the voters of the Town was called for to
be held on August 12, 1940, for the purpose of whether or
not the Town of Mequon should contribute the sum of $1000.
toward the repair of the dam. Since the title to the dam
was in the name of a private individual, which was ruled
illegal, a motion was made and carried that there raised by
a rieneral tax upon all taxable property in the Town of
ivequon, the sum of one Thousand Dollars and that the Town
iBorrd be hereby authorized to disburse said amount as a
contribution to the i~~equon Township Association, to aid
such association In the undertaking to reconstruct and
repair the dam in the Milwaukee River located at the Village

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