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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Fire department

Later meetings were held by the firemen in the basement of
the new firehouse which was attached. This was equipped
with tables and chairs for card playing, a pool table, and
a large table and chairs for use at the meetings. It also
was equipped with a cupboard and utensils for serving
sandwiches and beer or coffee. Twenty-two volunteer fire-
men were admitted to the active department.
The active members of the department were paid per call. The
men who succeeded Mr. Lange as chief were Charles Bublitz,
George Johnson, 1951 to 1955, and Manfred Sperber 1955 to
1969 who resigned Dec. 31, 1969, as provided by the ordiance
mandatory at age 65. Milton Krumhus, assistant chief,
succeeded Mr. Sperber with a full time salary. The
department at present has 35 volunteer members.
The department equipment at present, consists of one Sterling
truck with Peter Pirch Fire iignhting equipment.  in 1936
a diamc: d truck with a 600 gallon water capacity and power
take off pump was purchased. In the abscence of municipal
water, the department was forced to haul the water needed to
extinguish a fire in large tanks. An International Truck
equipped with a 500 gallon tank and a 500 gallon pump was
added in 1939. The latest piece of equipment added in
1955 was a tank truck with a capacity of 4200 gallons of
water. The Mequon common council authorized the purchase
of a additional 100 feet of hose.

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