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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Levy family

Levy Family
One of the most interesting of' the early settlers in the
Town of Nequon was that of the Lippman Levy family. They
emigrated from Germany to the United States and then to
the Town of Mequon where they bought a farm and rooted
themselves in and raised a family.
Lippman Levy came here without any money and started from
scratch,  He went to visit a few farms around   the town
and collected chicken and pigeon manure. He did not succeed
the first venture, went bankrupt and started over again.
This time he earned enough to buy a horse and wagon and
used that to get around. He succeeded and made a living
for his family. By this time he had a wife and a son named
When the boy was older and could help the father, they
started buying and selling cattle. They also bought a
wagon and a horse.  A closed box was built on the rear of
the wagon with a door which opened up and inside displayed
was an assortment of meat.   With this horse and wagon,
Ben Levy drove around the country to the customers and
sold whatever the housewives wanted. This he practiced
twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday, and was usually able
to sell all the meat and sausa-e he had by the end of the
trip. The son, Ben, married, raised a nice family, all
on the original farm and the cattle buying and selling,
and the butchering of beef, hogs, etc.

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