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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Town government

Town Government
The framework of American government started originally
with the Articles of Federation. This was abandoned and
a complete newly formed plan was used. This was similar
to the Constitution of the United States. This has been
the basic pattern for this country ever since. The
national government had certain powers which were set
forth explicitly in the Constitution. In all other powers
were delegated to the state or to the people. The states
then created subordinate units of government to carry
out state functions and to adminster local affairs.
Thdse units are called counties, towns, villages, and
special districts. In Wisconsin were normally created
by individual laws. All units of local government in
Wisconsin were handled by general laws which provide that
when certain conditions are met, the local unit may be
created by local action.
Boundaries of towns were largely arbitrary, normally of a
six mile square area. The governing body of a town was a
chairman and two supervisors, elected at large annually
first and later on every two years. Other elected
officers were a clerk, treasurer, justice of the peace,
assessor, and constable. The chairman represented the
T2own on the County Board. Actual power was vested in
citizens through their annual town meetings.

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