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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Early settlers

and by the early settlers of the Township and this
vicinity. It appears that no man other than Wm. Penn
ever wielded in the settlement of America a more power-
ful influence or established better relationships with
the Indians. e dealt justly with them and was regarded
by the Indians as the agent of the great father of Washington.
When the first requirements for the sustances of life and
shelter for the body were taken care of and the population
of  he area grew, more at%^nn had t o be given to the
clearing of the land of trees and the preparation of the
soil to raise more food and shelter for man and beast.
This then also necessitated the building of dams on the
river to harness the power of the river to run the saw and
grist mills. One of these dams was built by Mr. Thien.
The little village or settlement was baptized Thienville
by the then residents of the community. Other such dams
were built north and south of Thienville along the river
for various purp oses.
As more people settled in Thienville and vicinity, more
persons with various occupations and abilities able to
contribute some vocation to the society, as it then
existed.  Some could weave cloth, others could make shoes
and other articles to wear and prepare different foods
and drinks for human consumption. But the main and
primary vocation most of the people followed was farming.
Some of the families financially able to do so imported
some good stock of holsteins, guernsey, and jersey cows
to build up a good herd.

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