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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Early settlers

rest of the land was later picked up in a large part by
well intending and actual settlers. The rapidly growing
immigration that set in thereafter came principaly from
Ireland and Germany who bought out the speculators or
bought directly from the government. The Irish settled
largely in the northwestern part of the Town, while the
Germans, who predominated in number, settled practically
all of the rest of the lands in the Town. The latter came
steadily and sometimes in waves. During the end of the
18th century, a large group came over from Germany and
founded Freistadt colony under the leadership of Pastor
Krause, a group of old Lutherans.
The first entry of land made in the Town of tequon, is
said to have been made by G. G. Hubbard. A few specula-
tive entries were made in 1836 to 1838. A few settlers
came from 1837 to 1840, but the Town did not greatly fill
with settlers until about 1841 and 1842.
The Viequon peoneers came here when not even a wagon
thoroughfare existed.  There were nothing butIndian trails
to guide one through the dense forests. Traffic was
difficult, sickness prevalent, and money scarce. These
pioneers were hard workers. They had to be to survive
as they did.
Daniel Strickland and Isaac IBigelow were the first
settlers near the river. Bigelow in Section 12, Township
9, and Daniel ..trickland in Scio   36, Town , 10, the
latter being just north of Mequon Town line.  Woodworth

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