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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Natural assets

taking with it all the loose materials and impurities with
it into the river. Zoning ordinances, restricting land
uses, designating flood and wet lands and restricting the
use thereof, have been passed and revised ever since 1930.
Enforcement of these ordinances have not always been
carried out too carefully. Therefore, the present problem
of water pollution.
Near the center of the Town, flowing from the northwest
several miles, Pigeon Creek empties into the Milwaukee
River. This is at the point where the Green Bay Road
branches off the Cedarburg Road and runs northeasterly to
Hamilton and Grafton. Pigeon Creek received its name from
the Indians. In their annual migrations, it is said, the
wild pigeons were so numerous at this location that when
they flew up to continue their migration, they were in
such great numbers that they darkened the sun. This
creek at no point is wider than 20 feet and no deeper than
5 feet.  It adds to the beauty of the scenery along its
path and is also a haven for muskrats, minkand other
wild life.
The Menomonee River in the western part of the Town, starts
in Section 9Aand continues south through Sections 19, 29,
and 30 and continues through Milwaukee County and into
the Iienomonee River. The course of the DNenomonee River
in Mequon was through a swamp covered with a dense forest
of cedar and numerous other varieties of trees. It was

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