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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Mequon - 1870-1957

Mequon -e1870 - 1957
From the early 1830, when the first settlers reportedly
came to Mequon, up to 1870, the time when some ,of the
early history of Mequon was recorded and compiled by
several prominent attorneys, J. 0. Carbys,- Walter D.
Corrigan, and others who from time to time recorded
some of the many interesting adventures and happenings
as they experienced them or discovered some record
left by someone preseeding them, such as letters,
documents, etc. Some of these were compiled by the
first two gentlemen and put together in history form.
The latest of such histories was compiled by Walter D.
Corrigan with the help of many'rothers.  This history was
sponsored by the Mequon Club as a ciVic enterprise.
Being one of the older residents' born in Mequonand
having lived here all of my life, I was requested to
continue the history of Mequon from 1870, the date which
the history of Mequon was compiled by Walter D. Corrigan
Sr. to the time Mequon was incorporated as a City of the
fourth class, May 24, 1957. For these 30years, 187O to
1900, 1 have to rely on the records found recorded in
municipal documents, records, and memorandums made by
a number of prominent men, etc. From the year 1900.
although a young ld then, most of theinforma'tion
pertaininr to tnc Town of Mequon, I have gained from
my own knowledge and experience and from mUnicipal

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