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Early history of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

The Cedarburg Mill - Cedarburg Supply Company,   pp. 24-26

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The Cedarburg Mill
In 1865 Frederick Hilgen exchanged his interest in the Cedarbi
with Mr. Joseph Trottman for his share in the Cedarburg Wollen Mil
just been completed.
During the winter of 1880-81 it snowed heavily until late in J
Suddenly it thawed and caused the great flood of 1881. Huge ice V
up at the bridge adjacent to the Cedarburg Woolen Mill. People wal
the bridge began to run as the water and ice over-flowed the banks
or 3 feet deep. One man in the wild dash from the bridge, slipped
churning waters but managed to grasp a hitching post and was saved,
dame were washed away except the one at the Cedarburg Mill. Many I
were swept away and it was feared the bridge at the woolen mill wox
too--it is still standing. A new bridge, built the year before on
Road near Hilgen Spring Park, was carried away.
The next year, 1882, the Cedarburg Mill was sold to John GruM
ran it with the help of his wife, but the years of 92 and 93 wheat
cheap that it was ground*for feed instead of flour. In 1901 the Gi
it to Christian G. Ruck, Louis K. Ruck, and William A. Ruck. In 1
Ruck, a son of Christi&n Buck, bought out the other two Rucks. By
the only flour being ground was rye flour, the main business being
This was the end of the flour grinding at the Cedarburg Mill.
The Cedarburg Supply Company bought the mill on January 29, 1!
the mill was still run by only water power. The new owners at onct
new water wheel but as the power was still inadequate, they converi
tric motors. Mr. William Kasten, Town of Cedarburg, signed the or
for the Cedarburg Supply Copany water rights.

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