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Early history of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

History of Ozaukee County,   pp. 1-4

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History of Ozaukee County
Since there were two outstanding German-born citizens on the Board, one would
think they would have taken their fellow Germans under their wings. But means
of commnication, even through newspapers, were not universal in those days
as they are today. As the old country class-consciousness was still strong,
the German Board members may have felt it was their place to call up the men
and the peasant's place to obey without question. At any rate, all members of
the Draft Board happened to be Masonic Lodge members. The rioters were German
and Luxembourger farmers and workmen who looked with suspicion on secret
societies. Many of the farmers had Just cleared their lend and could not
leave their families with no one to do the planting and harvesting. They
noted that many Masonic Lodge members had purchased Immunity from the draft;
(a legal practice in Civil War Days, substitutes being hired with the money
collected) and it so happened that certain sinister characters had approached
the German farmers representing themselves to be Government agents and
collecting draft imminity money frcm the farmers, which they pocketed and
disappeared. Since most Germans had cmae to this country to escape Europe's
senseless wars, their wrath was understandable. Frcm that time to the present
day, great pains are taken here in appointing committees and boards of social
or political organizations that represent all religious and social groups.
Old Timers still admonish every newcomer who has the task of appointing
Through their gymnsstic societies (Turnveriens), singing societies
(Gesangveriens), bands, orchestras, and German reading clubs, the German born
citizens taught their Yankee friends an appreciation of German culture. Many
Yankee children were sent to tIe German Sisters to learn music and fine needle-

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