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Wester, Kevin J. (ed.) / Consumed by fire : a collection of writings about the famous Wisconsin Chair Company fire, Port Washington, Wisconsin, February 19, 1899

Milwaukee Sentinel: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Tuesday, February 21, 1899,   pp. 55-61

Page 56

City in Darkness.
The town tonight was in complete darkness, the electric light plant, which was in
the chair factory, having been destroyed. The lighting plant was built by the company in
1891, and supplied the town with lighting, furnishing 2,400-candle power lights. The
dynamos have been destroyed. Just what arrangements will be made for lighting the city
has not yet been determined. All the wiring still remains intact and the aldermen may
decide to purchase new dynamos and thus again secure light. All the oil lamps which
were used here years ago have been removed and until some arrangement has been made
for lighting the city it must remain dark.
Will Furnish Relief.
A special meeting of the Common council was held this afternoon to discuss any
action that may become necessary for the relief of families who have been made
homeless. It was decided to furnish prompt aid if any is needed. The aldermen did not
take up the lighting question, but will do so at the next meeting.
Fire Loss $400,000
This evening the fire was almost entirely out but large heaps of glowing embers
from the big lumber piles, still remain. The total loss will probably reach about $400,000
as follows:
Wisconsin Chair company, series of brick buildings, covering two square blocks, 800,000
feet of hardwood lumber ...... $350,000
Vacant foundry, three-story brick buildings, owned by W. J. Turner of Milwaukee, almost
total loss ...... $15,000
Losses on Pier Street.
Mrs. Nic Martin, owner and occupant of store and one-half frame building; loss
total ...... 500
Silas Sizer, occupant of story and one-half dwelling; loss total ...... 500
Nic Mehrens, owner and occupant two-story brick, John Raesser, also occupant; loss
total ..... 2,500
Nic Poull, owner and occupant, two and one-half story dwelling; loss will be
total ...... 1,000
Mich. Burmish, owner of vacant building, two-and-one-half story frame; loss
total ..... 1,000
John Roob, owner and occupant, two-story brick; loss total ...... 1,000
Mrs. Jacob Lambert, owner and occupant of two-story brick; loss total ...... 700
Losses on Washington Street.
Smith Bros. & Lodi, fish shanties, one-story frame; loss total ...... 500
L. Lambert, paint shop, one-story frame building; loss total ...... 500
Nic. Poull, blacksmith shop, one-and-one-half story frame; loss total ...... 2,000

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