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Wester, Kevin J. (ed.) / Consumed by fire : a collection of writings about the famous Wisconsin Chair Company fire, Port Washington, Wisconsin, February 19, 1899

Port Washington Star: Port Washington, Wisconsin Saturday, March 4, 1899,   pp. 20-22

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depreciated in any way the value of their property and this element of dissatisfaction had
also to be overcome before the matter could proceed. It has finally been adjusted,
however, and the surveyors of the Northwestern road were in the city Wednesday and
Thursday making the preliminary surveys. It is a settled fact that the road will put in the
spur at its own expense, which is estimated at about $9,000.
A new phase of this situation cropped up this week, which may have much to do
in inducing our people to quickly make up the required bonus. Representatives of a large
Chicago steel company will arrive in the city today, to look over the old foundry, owned
by W. J. Turner of Milwaukee, with a view to locating here. They have seen the plant
before and negotiations have been opened several times, all of them being unsuccessful
because of the fact that the steel people refused to locate here unless a spur track was built
to their foundry. Now that there is a likelihood of the track's being built, it is considered
quite certain that they will locate here and employ from 100 to 150 skilled hands, if the
chair factory is rebuilt, for on this step hangs the whole thing.
There are many unconfirmed rumors flying about and it is hard to piece together
sufficient of the probabilities to make a shrewd guess at the truth. One report, however,
which seems to us likely to be true, is that the chair company designs buying and
converting the old Mallinger plant into a veneer factory. But this, like all other
speculations, is dependent upon the rebuilding of the chair factory.
Mr. Dennett has had many offers made him to locate elsewhere, but he has stated
his willingness to remain here, and if the plans of the council and citizens do not miscarry
there is no reason why he should not.
Mayor Rose and Chief Foley So Notify the City of Port Washington.
From the Sunday Sentinel.
Mayor Rose and Chief Foley of the Fire department yesterday morning held a
conference, at which it was decided not to charge the city of Port Washington for the
service the Milwaukee firemen rendered the town while it was burning last Monday
morning. In reply to a letter received from City Clerk Tholen, asking what the charges
against the fire-swept city would be, Chief Foley yesterday sent the following letter:
Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 25.---W. A. Tholen, Esq., Port Washington, Wis.---Dear
Sir: Replying to your favor of yesterday, would say that after a consultation with Mayor
Rose we have concluded that there are no charges whatever for the service of this
department upon the occasion of your recent fire.
Thanking you kindly for the resolutions of your Common council, I am,
respectfully yours, JAMES FOLEY, Chief Engineer.

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