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Pioneers' Association (Outagamie County, Wis.) / Record of the pioneers of Outagamie County, Wisconsin : also an appendix containing the minutes and records of the Pioneer Association since our annual meeting of 1895

Record of the pioneers of Outagamie County,   pp. [5]-107 PDF (21.2 MB)

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About the beginning of the eighteenth century, there
lived near Campbeltown, Scotland, one James Culbertson,
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Campbell; whose son
Robert married Nannie
Harvey; whose son James
and his wife Jenet White
Culbertson had six sons
and three daughters, Jean
Agnes, Robert, Janet,
William, John, James,
Samuel and David. For
many years the family
rented and lived on the
Skerbolin farm, five miles
north of Campbeltown;
but when all the children
had reached maturity
they emigrated toAmerica
between the years 1818
and 1822, locating i n
MATTHEW CULBERTSON.    southern Indiana, where
the first settlers were
making their pioneer start. John, who was born in May,
1796, was the last to emigrate.  Soon after reaching
America, but before his journey was completed, he was
married September 11, 1822, to Margaret Reid, a member
of the same emigrant party and a resident of his native
They located in Shelby township, Jefferson county, In-
diana, where John's people had preceded him. Here he
took a quarter section of unimproved very heavily timbered
land and subdued it into a modern farm of that date and
here their family was born: James, Matthew, John, Janet,
Margaret, Alexander and Nancy.
At the time the boys had reached manhood and wished
to establish homes for themselves, Wisconsin territory was

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