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Harney, Richard J. / History of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and early history of the Northwest

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and one hundred and sixty votes for the other
April 2, 1854, at the next annual town meet-
ing, a vote was again taken to decide where
the general election of 1854 and the annual
town meeting of 1855, should be held. Two
hundred and thirty-nine votes were cast for
the Decker House, in Menasha, and one hun-
dred and forty-seven votes for R. C. Weeden's
brick hotel, in Neenah.
Neenah, expecting no mercy from the other
side, made application to the County Board
for a division and Menasha as strongly opposed
it, but the town was divided conformable to
the application.
On the 3rd of April, 1853, Menasha held
an organic election at the Decker House.
Cornelius Northrup was elected moderator;
Elias Bates and George W. Fay, inspectors;
L. S. Fisher, clerk. The first business before
the meeting, seems to have been the adoption
of a preamble and resolution, setting forth
the illegality of the division of the Town of
Neenah, and organization of the Town of
Menasha, contrary to the expressed wishes of
three-fourths of the voters of the old town and of
every voter in the new town, and protesting
against such division. They then proceeded
to the election of town officers, resulting in
the election of Jeremiah Hunt, chairman; Isaac
Hough, and Wells E. Blair. supervisors;
Elbridge Smith, clerk; Geo. W. Fay, treasurer;
Charles Whipple, superintendent of schools;
A. K. Sperry, Samuel Neff and Edmon Free-
man, assessors; Elias Bates, Israel Naricong
and George Watson, justices.
Wells E. Blair, failing to qualify as super-
visor, the board met on May 5th, and appointed
Cleveland Bachelder to fill the vacancy.
The first bi th occurring within the present
limits of the Town of Menasha, was that of
Delos Haight, son of Moses Haight, in the
spring of 1847.
The first marriage was that ot Mr. L. S.
Wheatley and Miss Caroline Northrup, Octo-
ber 27, 1848. Miss Northrup was a daughter
of Mr. Cornelius Northrup, a pioneer in both
Neenah and Menasha.
The first death was that of one Jenson, a
Dane, who died September 5, 1846, in one of
the Government block-houses, on the west
side of Lake Buttes des Morts, and was buried
near the mounds. The funeral services were
conducted by Elder 0. P. Clinton.
The first permanent settler with the present
limits of the town, was Mr. James Ladd, who,
with his family, located near his present resi-
dence in the fall of 1846, occupying one of the
block-houses erected by the Government.
Born at Sudbury, Vermont, the 16th of May,
1799, he, with his parents, removed to the
State of New York, at an early age, where he
resided until 1845, when he emigrated with
his family to Beaver Dam, in Wisconsin.
In March, i846, Mr. Ladd made a claim of
his present possessions, and leaving his son
Christopher to hold the claim, returned to his
family at Beaver Dam, and in the fall moved
his familv to one of the Government block-
houses, near his present residence.
Mr. Ladd relates that in the spring of 1847,
one of his family was taken sick, and it
became necessary to send across Lake Winne-
bago to Stockbridge, for a physician. The
only way to get there was in a skiff. Mr. Cory-
don Northrup made the trip, and returned
with Dr. Marsh.
Thomas Jourdain was born at Green Bay in
1823, the youngest of a family of eight.  In
1837, his father was employed by the Gov-
ernment, as blacksmith for the Indians, at
Winnebago Rapids, and Thomas was appointed
assistant; here he worked six years. In 1848,
he purchased a farm on the west shore of Lake
Butte des Morts, which, in 1855, became a
part of the Town of Menasha, where he resided
until 1871, and is now a resident of the City of
Mary H. Jourdain, his sister, became the
wife of Rev. Eleazer Williams, in [823.
Asahel Jenkins and family settled within
the town, in 1846.
Wells E. Blair came to Neenah in the fall of
1845, but only remained some two weeks, and
returned again, in 1848.  In 1850, he pur-
chased a farm on the west side of Lake Buttes
des Morts, within the present limits of the
Town of Menasha, where he has since resided.
Chairman, P. Verbeck; Supervisors, A. D.
Page, Michael Lockbaum; Clerk, George H.
Keyes; Treasurer, M. J. Creedon; Assessor,
John Fitzgibbon; Justices, Waldo Kittel,
Lewis Neff.
I1846-79- ]

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