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Harney, Richard J. / History of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and early history of the Northwest

City of Menasha,   pp. 215-229 PDF (10.6 MB)

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The present city officials (1879) are:  A.
J. Webster, mayor; J. W. Ladd, city clerk;
Edward Wold, treasurer; A. Dillmore, Mar-
shall; J. Armstrong, superintendent of streets;
J. W. Ladd, overseer of poor; L. D. Bryan,
C. P. Northrup. assessors; S. Bullard, M. M.
Schoetz, justices of the peace; M. Thompson,
John Harbeck, constables; John Harbeck,
John Marx, Patrick O'Malley, John Schneider,
H. A. Burts, L. J. Noble, Frank Engles.
and Elbridge Smith, aldermen; John Harbeck,
president of the council; S. Bullard, superin-
tendent of schools.
M. Kraus, chief engineer; A. Wennege,
first assistant; George A. Rasler, second
assistant; August Ebert, secretary; J. Schu-
bert, Jr., treasurer; C. Lahman, chief fire
warden; Martin Arno, assistant fire warden;
Ed. Smith, trustee.
Masonic-Island City, Chapter No. 23, R.
A. M. Bryan Lodge, No. 98, F. & A. M.
Odd Fellows-Doty Island Encampment,
No. 45, I. 0. 0. F.  Menasha Lodge, No.
i87, I. O. 0. F. Ida Lodge, No. 30, Degree
of Rebekah. Island City Lodge, No. 197,
I. 0. 0. F., (German.)
Knights of Honor- Centennial Lodge, No.
391, K. of H.
German Societies -Menasha Turnverein,
Concordia Benevolent Society, St. Joseph's
Benevolent Society.
The Menasha Advocate, was first issued by
Jeremiah Crowley, in November, 1853, Demo-
cratic in politics. This was a good local paper.
Crowley remained editor and proprietor until
i857, when thepress and materials were sold
to E. P. Morehouse, a deaf mute, who con-
ducted it for a while, when he disposed of it.
The Conservator, first published by Harrison
Reed in 1856, at Neenah, was in 1858, pur-
chased by B. S. Heath, and removed to
Menasha, where it was continued, and in i86o,
Goodwin & Decker became the editors and
The Manufacturer, was started at Menasha
about 1860, by William M. Watts, editor and
proprietor, who conducted it about one year.
The Menasha Press, first published at Nee-
nah, by J. N. Stone, as the Island City Times,
later by Ritch & Tapley, as the Winnebago
County Press, until i871, when it was pur-
chased by Menasha parties, removed to that
place and conducted by Thos. B. Reid, as the
Menasha Press, until 1877, when it was again
sold, to Ueo. B. Pratt, present editor and pro-
The Menasha Post (German), started in
1871, by Mussans & Hein, and after an exist-
ence of about eighteen months, the press and
materials were taken to Shawano County.
The Winnebago Observer (German), was
first published in 1873, by John C. Klinker, its
present editor and proprietor, and on the last
of June, 1879, closed its sixth volume.
Description of City of Menasha-Location-Historical
Associations - Summer Resort - Water Power and Water
Communications - Manufactories and Resources for Man-
ufacturing-Statistics of Manufactures -Business Houses
-Notices of Illustrations.
H E City of Menasha is delightfully sit-
uated on both sides of the north chan-
-      Ed nel of the outlet of Lake Winnebago.
The site, embracing the mainland and
a large part of Doty Island, rises at
both sides of the river in a gentle ele-
vation, and affords most charming sites for
residences.  Indeed, it is rare to find a love-
lier spot than Doty Island, with its grand old
forest trees and fine views of water scenery,
and which is well illustrated in the view here
given of Edward Mathewson's place, showing
the mouth of the river, the lake shore, and the
distant view of Calumet, Clifton and Stock-
The mainland, from Lake Winnebago to the
Little Buttes des Morts, and on which is situ-
ated the business portion of the city, is also a
handsome site for a city with fine locations for
suburban residences. Many of those are occu-
pied by handsome buildings with tastefully
ornamented grounds, of which illustrations are
given in the views in this work of the resi-
dences of Messrs. A. J. Webster, R. M. Scott,
E. L. Mathewson and Elbridge Smith.
Shade trees have been largely planted, and
add much to the attractiveness of the streets.
This place, in common with Neenah, has
great natural advantages as a place of summer
resort, and attracts many visitors from abroad.
Lake Winnebago and its delightful surround-
ings possess great natural attractions; and
Menasha has the advantage of being on the
navigable channel of the outlet.  The canal
and locks connecting the navigation of the lake
and river are on this channel, and the frequent
passage of steamers enlivens the scene.  The
[i 853-79.

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