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Harney, Richard J. / History of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and early history of the Northwest

City of Menasha,   pp. 215-229 PDF (10.6 MB)

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church built in 1859. The present pastor is
the Rev. Otto Heuer.
St. Stephen's Church, Episcopal, was built
in the year 1859, under the auspices of the
Rev. Mr. Edmunds, who was the first rector.
The first regular services of the Episcopal
Church held in the village of Menasha were
commenced by the Rev. Charles C. Edmonds,
who began them in the month of November,
1857. For six months, services were held once
a month, and afterwards, up to September,
1858, twice a month.
On the 27th of August, Mr. Edmonds
moved from Green Bay to take up his residence
in Menasha.  The regular services were then
held every Sunday morning.  During Easter
Week, 1859, a parish was duly organized under
the name of St. Stephen's, by the election of
two wardens and three vestrymen. The Rev.
Mr. Edmonds, being the missionary in charge,
was chosen as rector.  The parish was duly
incorporated under the provisions of the stat-
utes of Wisconsin ' and a constitution adopted
during Easter Week, 1859.
At a meeting of the wardens and vestrymen
of St. Stephen's parish, the rector presiding,
held August 8, 1859, it was unanimously
resolved to build a church edifice in Menasha,
and to take immediate steps to that end,
ground was broken for the foundation of the
church September 13, 1859. The corner-stone
was laid by Bishop Kemper, assisted by the
rector, and the Rev. F. Haff, of Oshkosh, Sep-
tember 20th. The first service was held in the
church, April 28, i86i, while it was in an
unfinished condition, Charles C. Edmonds
officiating. Rev. Mr. Upjohn is present rector.
The earliest record of this organization
bears date of October io, 1853, and this is a
record of the appointment of the first Board of
Trustees, consisting of Charles France, Nor-
man Woolcott, Samuel L. Hart, Charles
Puffer and James Gamble.
Elmore Yocum was the first pastor. A
move was soon made toward building a church,
and, in 1856, under the pastorate of Rev. E.
Cooke, D. D., a fine brick edifice was comn-
pleted and dedicated. The lots on which the
church was built, was a donation from Gov-
ernor Doty.
About 1867, a good parsonage was pur-
The first stewards were, Thomas Price,
James Gamble, N. Woolcott and C. Puffer.
The first leaders, Charles France, Samuel
Ryan, Sr. First Sunday School Superintend-
ent, Amos Robinson.
The society now has a membership of about
seventy, a good church building and comforta-
ble parsonage.
In the twenty-six years it has never been
without a pastor. The present pastor is the
Rev. G. H. Moulton.
The above churches are in a flourishing con-
dition, and their affairs are managed with much
| efficiency. Good Sabbath Schools are main-
tained, and well and regularly attended.
In 1855, there were three schools in the
Town of Menasha, with an attendance of 243
scholars.   The population at the time was
The report of the School Superintendent,
Silas Bullard, for the year 1879, shows that
there are in the city, alone, six commodious
and creditable brick school-houses, including
the denominational.
The teachers employed in the public schools
are  one   male  and   nine  female.    Their
names are as follows:  E. A. Williams, Delia
Darrow, E. C. Tait, Emma S. Nelson, Nettie
E. Howard, Mary P. Donaldson, Mary E.
Geer, Mary P. Whipple, Minnie Hart, Amy
The number of the children in the city over
four and under twenty years of age, is 1,140,
of which 374 attend the public schools, and
470 the denominational schools.
The present School Board consists of a
superintendent, and one commissioner from
each ward. Their names are as follows:
Superintendent of Schools, S. Bullard; Com-
missioners, C. P. Northrup, G. W. Dodge,
E. L. Mathewson, S. S. Roby.
From the School Board's financial statement,
in report of 1879. it appears that there was
received as follows:
Money onhand, August 31, 1878 .$..   . .  $2,210 11
From special tax for building and repairing .  1,310 00
From special tax from teachers' wages .  . .  3,250 00
From general tax, for school purposes . ... ..  540 00
From tax levied by County Supervisors   . . .  6o0 oo
From income of State school fund  .     462 54
. -.. - -- . . . . . . . . . Al ~is '
Total amount received during the year .
Disbursements were as follows:
For building and repairing .  .....
For services, to teachers .........
For school furniture . . ...     ..
For all other purposes ...  ... ... .
Money on hand August 31, 1879 .    . .
. . . $8,405 40
. $ 824 88
3,550 00
.  .  .  293  50
582 45
*  * $5,250 83
A good school library is maintained which
contains 325 volumes.

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