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Harney, Richard J. / History of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and early history of the Northwest

City of Menasha,   pp. 215-229 PDF (10.6 MB)

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ent location, Neenah agreeing to pay the
expense of grading and ties south of their
channel, and of building the bridge across that
channel, and Menasha to do the same from
the north end of that bridge to the old line
west of Lake Buttes des Morts, including the
bridges across the lake and north channel, the
depot to be located near the line dividing the
two places on the Island.  This change was
accomplished in December, 1862.
In 1862, Charles May, having sold his inter-
est in the first barrel stock factory, this year
built an establishment of the same kind, sup-
plied with steam power, near the bank of the
river and the old Reed & Doty warehouse;
the latter he soon after devoted to a cooper-
shop. In 1864, Alex. Syme became associated
with him.  Mav afterwards sold his interest,
but Syme has retained his to the present
In 1863, Lum Hart, having settled here in
the fall of 1849, had, until now, been'engaged
in gunsmithing, repairing, and all kinds of
light machine work, now erected a small foun-
dry and machine-shop on the water-power
near the east end of Block 49.  This he
enlarged as necessity required, and a few years
later sold out.
In the fall of i865, G. R. Andrews, from
New England, and J. R. Underwood, from
Aurora,- Illinois, leased the barrel stock fac-
tory belonging to C. Doty, and the water-
power connected therewith, and commenced
the manufacture of children's sleds, and during
the succeeding winter added the necessary
machinery for the manufacture of children's
carriages azld carts.
This might have proved a profitable enter
prise but for the hostility of the business men
of the place, but after frequent changes in
ownership and an existence of some four
years, the machinery was removed and the
property vacated.
In 1867, a stock company was organized for
the purpose of building a hotel on the corner
north of the public square, and some labor per-
formed to that end; but in 1868 it was par-
tially abandoned, and again revived in 1869,
when the present National Hotel, a credit to
the city, was commenced.
During the process of construction, the
stockholders, one after another, sold out, or
forfeiting the amount paid in, dropped out;
until, at its completion, only R. M. Scott and
Charles May remained as owners. It was com-
pleted in 1870, and formally opened Novem-
ber 4, of that year.  Soon after the opening,
May disposed of his interest to Scott, who
having superintended its entire construction,
now became sole owner, and so remains to
this day.
November I, 1870, a national bank was
established here with H. Hewitt, Sr., J. W.
Williams, J. A. Kimberly, H. Babcock, J. R.
Davis, Sr., Robert Shiells, Moses Hooper and
A. G. Galpin, Jr., as stockholders.  Robert
Shiells was elected president, and H. Hewitt,
Jr., cashier.
This institution has continued business to
the present time, and we believe under the
direction of the same officers.
By act of the Legislature, approved March
5, 1874, the city was incorporated, and at the
organic election held soon after, 0. J. Hall
was elected mayor; H. Hewitt, Jr., and C. P.
Northrup, aldermen of the First Ward; Julius
Fieweger and Pat McFadden of the Second
Ward; John Harbeck and Joseph Mayer of
the Third Ward; C. H. Watke and H. B.
Taylor of the Fourth Ward; John Planner,
treasurer; assessors, Carlton Bachelder, First
Ward; E. Wold, Second Ward; L. D. Bryan,
Third Ward; William Koepfel, Fourth Ward;
justices, Silas Bullard and John Potter, Jr.,
constables, Thomas Jourdainand James Schu-
felt; city clerk, Charles Colborne.
i875-P. V. Lawson, mayor; C. Colborne,
clerk; John Planner, treasurer; H. Hewitt, Jr.,
C. F. Augustine, aldermen of the First Ward!
P. McFadden, C Koch, aldermen of the Sec-
ond Ward; H. Hewitt, Sr., E. D. Smith,
aldermen of the Third Ward; Curtis Reed,
Frank Engles, aldermen of the Fourth Ward.
1876 - P. V. Lawson, Mayor; Charles Col-
borne, clerk; John Planner, treasurer; H.
Hewitt Jr., C. F. Augustine, P. McFadden,
P. Sensenbrener, E. D. Smith; A. J. Webster,
Curtis Reed and Frank Engles, aldermen.
1877-P. V. Lawson, mayor; E. G. Bell,
clerk; E. Wold, treasurer; John Schubert, P.
O'Malley, John Harbeck, Elbridge Smith, L.
H. Brown, Leonard Brugger, J. F. Mayers
and Frank Engles, aldermen.
i878-P. V. Lawson, mayor; E. G. Bell,
clerk; E. Wold, treasurer; John Potter Jr.,
P. McFadden, T. D. Phillips, Martin Beck,
John Schubert, John Schneider, J. F. Mayer
and J. C. Underwood, aldermen.
In December, 1871, the Wisconsin Central
Railroad Company opened its road and corn-
menced running trains from Menasha, or more
properly speaking, from Doty's Island, to
I i862-78

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