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Harney, Richard J. / History of Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and early history of the Northwest

City of Neenah,   pp. 194-215 PDF (15.4 MB)

Page 212

son & Jamison, omnibus factory of G. Olds,
Adam Ergot's Brewery, two brick yards and
the various mechanic shops.
Banks- One bank of issue, the National
bank of Neenah.
Dry Goods-The number of dry goods
houses is eight. Some of these deal exclusively
in dry goods and others in mixed merchan-
dise, and several of them are spacious, well
stocked establishments, doing a very large
Drugs -There are four drug stores and
some of them are elegantly fitted up.
Hardware-Four hardware stores, large
concerns, and well stocked.
Clothing-There are three clothing stores,
some of them in connection with merchant
Boots and Shoes-Two boot and shoe stores
well stocked.
Groceries - There are fifteen grocery stores,
several of them fine establishments with large
stocks and doing a good business.
.Rewelry-Two stores in this branch.
Musical Merchandise- One music store.
Stationcry and Books - One stationery
Agricultural Implements - Two houses
doing business in this line.
Furniture-Three   furniture  warerooms,
carrying fine stocks.
Flour and Feed-Two stores.
Harness and Saddlery Hardware- Four in
this line of business.
Wholesale Liquor Storc-One establish-
There are in addition to the above, the pro-
portionate number of millinery, confection-
eries. tobacconists, bakers, meat markets, etc.
For agents, professional men and names of
all business and manufacturing firms, see
classified business directory of Neenah in last
On another page will be found a view of
the fine residence of Hon. A. H. F. Krueger.
Mr. Krueger emigrated from Crivitz, Mecklen-
burgh-Schwerin, to the State of New York in
1848, and resided there until the fall of 1850,
when he moved to the town of Clayton, in
this conntv, whelpre he cettlA on a tract of ne
tsss - wuu   , w1. ..  II- -1 :Nt-u w1. a _ Wav  -u  1
land, which he cleared and converted into a
fine farm, and on which he resided eighteen
years. In the fall of i868, he moved to Nee-
nah, and in partnership with Mr. Stridde
erected the Island City Flouring Mill, and has
since that time been engaged in the milling
business.  The product of his mill averages
two hundred barrels of flour per day.
Mr. Krueger is regarded as one of the most
prominent and public-spirited citizens of Nee-
nah, and among the foremost in promoting
public enterprises.  He has served in several
public capacities; first, as a school commis-
sioner, which position he held for nine years;
next, as one of the village trustees, then as
alderman, under the city organization, during
the years 1874 and 1875.  In 1876, he was
elected Mayor of the city, and again elected
Mayor in 1878, and is now the nominee of his
party for Member of Assembly.
He was chiefly instrumental in securing the
erection of the Schuetzen Hall, which gives
Neenah a fine and capacious hall for public
entertainments.  He was also one of the most
zealous and persistent of those who advocated
the construction of the New High School build-
ing, which is a credit to the city.  Mr. Krue-
ger is also noted for his generous benefactions
to the poor and unfortunate, and for his readi-
ness to aid all who merit assistance.
It is such men who leave enduring monu-
ments of their existence, and who, when they
have passed away from the scenes of their
earthly labors, linger in the memory as a pleas-
ant recollection.
Mention has already been made of the Rus-
sell House, which is illustrated in this work.
Mr. J. B. Russell, the enterprising proprietor,
came from St. Lawrence County, New York,
his native place, to the town of Clayton, in
this county, in the spring of 1851, where he set-
tled on a new farm, which he improved and on
which he lived till i868, when he moved to the
village of Neenah, where he has since resided.
In Neenah he first engaged in the mercan-
tile business, which he followed for six years.
At the end of that time he purchased the Dol-
sen House, a brick hotel on the present site of
the Russell House, which he had taken down
brick by brick, and in 1875, built the present
elegant hotel, the Russell House. Mr. Russell
is one of Neenah's most enterprising citizens,
and a very popular landlord.  He has fre-
quently served in capacities of public trust,
and is now City Superintendent of Schools,
and the nominee of his party for Member of
Among the illustrations in this work is that
of Tohn P -f-4 q'       -    Th.. A-.1bfl i 1 Ticl t 4it_
HI J   --l -\~t  . .)IIIC ...... 1.  . I .-3UI~AL
ful place has been mentioned in the general
description of Neenah.  It is the Governor
Doty place, which Mr. Roberts purchased, and
on which he erected, in 1877, the present fine
hotel.  It is now one of the most popular
resorts in the country. The facilities for boat-
t 1879.

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