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Mitchel, Martin; Osborn, Joseph H. / Geographical and statistical history of the county of Winnebago ... to which is prefixed a general view of the state of Wisconsin, together with a census table from its first settlement to the present time.

Winnebago county,   pp. 52-7 ff. PDF (16.9 MB)

Page 53

ful map of Winnebago county as it was twenty years ago.
Then wave the magic wand of civilization, art, industry, 
science and commerce; cover the broad fields with a growing or
golden harvest; run pleasant roads, lined with farm buildings
and elegant school horses in every direction; let villages and
church spires spring up in almost every town along the shore.
At the influx of the river a busy and populous young city
filled with the merchandise of the world;, mills and machinery
driven by steam along the line of its still waters, and the
strong currents driving numerous water-wheels;, steam boats
and smaller crafts in all directions daily traversing the lake
and rivers, which serve also as the great thoroughfare for pine
forests to pass and furnish supplies for an immense destitute
region, And we have a daguerreotype of Winnebago county
as it is in 1856.
But the transformation from the past to its present condition,
has not been accomplished by a magician or a fairy while
men slumbered and slept; neither is it the result of the cash
investment of a millionaire at his ease in an eastern palace;
but it is entirely the product of veritable human muscle and
nerve, in determined and ceaseless conflict with necessity, 
privation, and want, where persevering industry, single-handed
and alone, has sheltered the houseless, fed the hungry, clothed
the naked, cut roads, built bridges and steamboats, conquered
poverty on every field, and given to hard labor its
just and legitimate claim to wealth and aristocracy of position.
The County of Winnebago lies on the west side of lake
Winnebago, which separates it on the east from the county of
Calumet; on the north lies the county of Outagamie and the
eastern part of Waupacca [Waupaca]; on the west is Waushara and part of
Marquette; on the south is the county of Fond du Lac. The
44th degree of north latitude passes through the county of 
Winnebago. The surface of this county is gently rolling and
beautifully diversified with woodland, openings, prairie and
native hayfields. The openings predominate; the timberland
lies principally along the border of the lake, and on the north
side of the county; the prairie land is mostly near the middle
and on the south side; small strips of hay marsh are found in
nearly all parts of the county but mostly along  the rivers;
openings constitute the balance of the county. The Wolf
river enters this county near the northwest corner in the town

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