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Oimoen, Otto; Skalet, Ethel; Grender, Albert O. (ed.) / Oisæther : Oimoen, Olson and Sather family album : histories, stories and pictures

Section III: Kristian Saether (Christ Sather),   pp. 16-20 PDF (2.1 MB)

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(Age 91)
March 21, 1978
Dear Cousin Otto:
I am sorry I haven't been able to send you any
history on our family yet, I haven't felt very good
lately, so I haven't felt much like doing much
writing. I don't know if I can tell you much as I
don't know or remember dates, but I will try and
do the best I can.
I have written to Lloyd Olson in California, it
is many years since I heard he was there. I also
have written to Luella Olson, Oscar's widow in
Mpls., haven't heard from her since she wrote
about Oscar's death. If I don't hear from them I
will try and send you what little I know about the
Olson family.
In the meantime I'll try and get ours together
as soon as possible.
As ever, Anna
Below is 2nd letter to Otto from Anna.
Dear Cousin:
Wrote both Lloyd Olson and Luella Olson,
Oscar's widow, both letters came back, so won't
hear from them. Then I remembered Oscar had a
boy named Warren, so I wrote to a friend in
Mpls., if she could find his name in her phone
book. If found would she please send me his
address. But she said in her letter I received to-
day, there are 15 Warren Olsons. Didn't say if she
would call them or not, but'I will write her again.
As soon as I hear from her I will let you know-
As ever, Anna
You mentioned my father's name as Christ but his
Norwegian name was Kristian. And our aunt in
Calif., her Norwegian name was Anna Karina. I
don't know if you knew her Norwegian name or
not. You asked about Johanna so I am sending you
a little about her too. Don't know if you want to
include her in our family history or not.
Am sorry I couldn't remember dates better, so
it would have been more complete, but it is the
best I could do.
The following family history is written by Anna
Sather, written in her own hand writing, at age 91
on April 23, 1978.
My father, Kristian Oisater or Oimoen was
born in Nordre Lands, Prestejeld, Norway (don't
know the date). Have a faint recollection that he
and Uncle Andrew came to America together, and
worked in the woods in the Central part of Wisc.,
don't know how long he was there before he came
to Modena, Buffalo Co., where he met my mother
Beret Brendingen, who had come from Sondre
Aurdal, Valdres, Norway, when she was 13 years
old  with  parents, Bjorn  and  Berthe  Marie
Brendingen and brother Jon and sisters Ingeborg
and Siri.
Was told they were 6 weeks on the ocean and
when they came to their destination, Alma, Wisc.,
they walked about 20 miles through woods and
swampy roads, with an Indian guide, before they
got up into a valley called Lurendahl, named after
some of my mother's relatives that had come
before them, and was the first settlers in the
Can't imagine how they made a living in those
days, don't know when my father came to Modena
but he and Beret Brendingen were married in
Lyster Church, Church Valley, Urne, Wisc. (date
unknown) and started housekeeping on a 160 acre
farm in the same valley where my father had built
a loghouse. The only drinking water they had, was
from a spring a little ways from the house, until a
well was dug. My father worked hard clearing the
land, as there was a lot of timber on it, he made
cord wood and railroad ties to sell. He was known
for being the strongest man that walked in the
town of Modena.
My mother worked hard too helping with
chores and sometimes out in the fields. They both
died in the nineteen-thirties. Father was 85,
Mother 81. Both are buried in the Lyster Cem-
etery, Church Valley, Urne, Wisc. They had 4
children, Ole, Bertha Maria, Anna and Bertina.
Ole died in 1905, 23 years old, Berthe Maria died 3
years later, at the same age of 23. Both are buried
in Lyster Cemetery.
Bertina in her early life taught parochial
Christ Sather and family; Anna, Ole, Bertha Maria,
Bertina (in front)

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