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Northern Wisconsin Agricultural and Mechanical Association / Transactions of the Northern Wisconsin Agricultural and Mechanical Association, including a full report of the industrial convention held at Neenah, Wisconsin, February, 1886. Together with proceedings of the Association for 1884, to January 1, '86
Vol. XI (1886)

Annual festival of the Central Wisconsin Sheep Breeders' and Wool Growers' Association,   pp. 308-313 PDF (1.1 MB)

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an enthusiast on the subject of wool growing. A large
majority of his flock are full blooded Merinos.
There was a much better class of sheep and wool on the
grounds than ever before, and everyone wore a smile of sat-
isfaction at the general improvement in all directions. The
center of the attraction was around the fleece of the McCon-
nell ram and when it went on the scales they crowded
around with such remarks as " get the hay scales," "' I'll
it goes 31," " Wisconsin against the world" and the like.
will be seen by reference to the foot notes at bottom of table
that in many instances the fleece weighed more than one-
fifth of the entire weight of the animal.
At noon each day the people present were served with a
most sumptuous repast, provided for the occasion by the
farmers' wives, and it was a feast which does credit to the
culinary ability of the ladies. One man remarked as he gazed
upon the groaning tables, " Sheep ain't the only thing we've
got to brag on, just look at that 'lay out' and then brag of
the women who provided it."
This very appropriate remark was seconded by the entire
assembly and they did ample justice to the substantial food
before them. It would be a difficult matter to find an as.
semblage of more intelligent and substantial men than were
assembled, and although dealing in the article a man would
find it difficult to "pull the wool over their eyes" for a
Much credit is due Mr. H. W. Wolcott who frst instituted
the movement and for his hearty labors in making the As-
sociation a success.
Officers elected for the ensuing year: President, H. W.
Wolcott, Ripon; Vice President, C. D. McConnell, Berlin;
Treasurer, A. Osborn, Metomen; Secretary, H. L. Wolcott,
Ripon. Executive Committee: E. S. Corliss, Rushlake; E
Reynolds, Metomen; E. G. Stone, Fisks.

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