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Northern Wisconsin Agricultural and Mechanical Association / Transactions of the Northern Wisconsin Agricultural and Mechanical Association, including a full report of the industrial convention held at Neenah, Wisconsin, February, 1886. Together with proceedings of the Association for 1884, to January 1, '86
Vol. XI (1886)

Bright, C. M.
Taxation,   pp. 273-306 PDF (6.8 MB)

Page 296

all. Why touch the little finger when there are whole loins
that may be dissected.
Mr. Randall -The author of the paper has gone. I do
not like to answer his questions in his absence. He asked
the question, what is the cause of the pauper labor of Eng-
land? He asked the question and then proceeded right
along with his paper without giving a direct answer or, in
fact, alluding to it so we could get any clew to his bearing.
In one sense his paper was sound. The great cause of the
depression in England and the cause of the pauper labor in
England is the great extravagance of the nation. Now
that the wealth of every nation is dependant upon labor is
an established fact. If that labor is squandered by the
landlord, if he own the land running from the channel to
the sea, every individual on that estate is depressed just in
proportion to the extravagant and wasteful expenditure of
that landlord and his employes. The fact of supporting
so many people out of employment is a great tax upon the
American people. Say we have a community of one thou-
sand inhabitants located in a single township. If there are
in that township fifty men that are abundantly able to take
care of themselves and send their children to school, and
buy every luxury in life, and have abundant means to pay
for them, and there are also fifty paupers in that town whose
only support goes into the annual tax, in the matter of po-
litical economy those fifty idlers consume just as much of
the product of labor as though they had not a copper in their
pockets, and they are just as much a tax and eat up the
vitality of the laboring class in that town just as much as
the fifty paupers. It is the idleness of the capitalist and
the idleness of the individual thrown out of employment.
You throw out of employment one thousand individuals
and throw out another thousand that is not producing one
iota of labor, the tax of one is just the same as if they were
all millionnaires or all paupers. The system he refers to as
being so fine is being tried in Indian Territory. They are
supporting a government without any expense to them-
selves. They own the land as a nation. Each individual
ownis simply that on which he lives. The ruling power is

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