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Northern Wisconsin Agricultural and Mechanical Association / Transactions of the Northern Wisconsin Agricultural and Mechanical Association, including a full report of the industrial convention held at Neenah, Wisconsin, February, 1886. Together with proceedings of the Association for 1884, to January 1, '86
Vol. XI (1886)

Bright, C. M.
Taxation,   pp. 273-306 PDF (6.8 MB)

Page 293

Protective tariff Canada' Only a few years ago, not more
than ten years ago, Canada was deeply in debt, with a de-
pleted treasury, at the wits end of its people and a govern-
ment to carry on, the government of the Dominion, from
Year to year getting further and further in arrears. There
came over Canada money, a revolution.
What is the result of that revolution? They set up a pa-
per currency entirely. Protected themselves even against
the old country, even against manufacturing England, and
British empire and the daughter of the old mother country
took measures to protect hers against English industry,
against the English empire and English goods. What is
the condition of Canada? Everything goes on smoothly
and harmonious, except in Manitoba, and that is local you
may say. That is a separate matter standing by itself. In
the various manufacturing centers of Canada within the
last ten years, manufacturers have been increasing and the
population has largely increased also. A manufacturing
town is a growing town. A large farming community does
not build up a state. Take for instance two cities side by
side - Oshkosh and Fond du Lac - Oshkosh with its big
pickerel pond, Lake Winnebago. Fond du Lac surrounded
on all sides by a large flourishing rural community of well-
to-do farmers, but few manufacturing interests. Her man-
ufactures are rather diminishingthan increasing. With the
diminution of her manufactures, that city, with all the ad-
vantages of her locality, is diminishing in population. With
our own city of Neenah you see the difference in growth.
With a city or town of manufactures the increase of popu-
lation and the rural element all around, it is finding a home
market for its product right there at the doors. They are
not compelled to ship their goods in Canada to Quebec or
across the water to Liverpool or London, in Canada. They
find a home market for them and they take their goods to
the market and take their money home in their fists and
spend their money in various comforts, dry goods and gro-
ceries. So much may be said of the progress in Canada.
What is good for Canada I think is good for the Yankees.

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