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The Valley of the Lower Fox: historical, descriptive, picturesque

The illustrations,   pp. [40]-[56] ff.

Page [51]

       'The view on Broad Street, Menasha, looks to the west from a point
just west of the Cong-rega- 
tional church.   i ldstr et eWtoo  fflfl like to lake. 
       Ile view from    the corner of Tayco and Clute Satreet, Menasha, is
looking toward tile public 
square, and beyond in the distance is the river and lake. 
       The v iew of the lMcnasha dain is taken froin the paper mill of CU
  . . lowaid, and shows in the 
distance the outlines of buildings north of the canal. The dam was rebuilt
by the (overnment a year ago. 
       Ihe diew of the    oveirnment dam at Kaukauna is taken from the bank
of the canal and shows in 
the distance the shops of the M. 1. S. & W, Railway. 
       From the top iof the Badger l~uper mill at Kaukauna are two Views
which We give, one looking 
lip the valley and showing a portion of the north side of the city; the other
is a glimpse of the valley 
north of the mill.   There is also a view hloling across the river and showing,
a portion off the south 
side of the city). Ihe rA=er at this 1point flows along a beautiful valley
and the city is built mainly upon 
the bluffs on either side. Ile rixcr Also dixites itslf into several branch"e
below the dam, and one of 
our views gives a glimpse of the rapids on the nortih branch. Ile scenery
is romantic and grand along 
the river at this point. 
       The view up the river from Riversidel Cemetery, Ap)hleton, extends
over a beautifil portion of the 
river. Upon the right is Bellaire Park, a most romantic and delightfnl suburb
of Appetfon. On the left 
is Telullah Park and in the distance the great water poer stietches itself
along the valley. 

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