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W. H. Lightfoot Co.'s Winnebago County, Wis. directory, 1928-1929 : containing an alphabetical arranged list of rural residents, with complete information regarding each home : also a complete directory of the the towns of Allenville, Butte des Morts, Eureka, Fisk, Larsen, Omro, Pickett, Rush Lake, Waukau, Winchester, Winnebago and Winneconne.

W. H. Lightfoot Co.'s directory of towns and villages, 1928-1929,   pp. 121-144

Page 122

MEiRDtBS, TONY (Alice), tel Larsen 41-B, 
  owns home, sec boss C & N W Ry, Essex 
  car, children: Ruby. 
PETERSON, LOUIS (Sena), tel Larsen 14- 
  X, owns home, retired. 
POST OFFICE, Allenville, Wis, Mrs Ella 
  M Walter, postmaster. 
  rents home, sec hand, Ford car. 
SMITH, FRANK L (Nettle), tel Larsen 41- 
  J, owns home, sec hand, Ford car. 
SWENSON, REV ALBERT (Bertha), tel 
  Larsen line, pastor Baptist Church, 
  Dodge car. 
WALTER, ELI H (Ella), tel Larsen 14-C, 
  genl mdse, Nash car, Ford truck, chil- 
  dren: Mildred, Lyall. 
WALTER, MRS ELLA M, tel Larsen 14-C, 
WILCOX, EDW H (Rena), tel Larsen 4-C, 
  owns 120 acres, (rents land), RFD mail 
  carrier, Dodge and Ford cars, Mrs Mary 
  McQuary, resides. 
  10 Miles Northwest of Oshkosh on 
         U. S. Highway 110. 
BECKER, NICHOLAS, owns home, marine 
BENEDICT, CLARENCE     (Mary), owns 
  home, trapper, children: Bertie, Clar- 
BENEDICT, CYRUS (Pearl), rents home, 
  laborer, Ford car. 
BENEDICT, GEO 0 (Isabelle), rents home, 
BENEDICT, JESSE (Esther), owns home, 
  fur farmer, Oldsmobile and Ford cars, 
  children: Richard. 
BENEDICT, OURA    0  (Lavina), owns 
  home, laborer, children: Lavina. 
BOE, JOHN J (Bertha), tel Winneconne 
  17F13, postmaster, genl mdse. 
BOGK, JOSEPH (Etta), tel Winneconne 
  31, owns home, soft drinks, Ford car. 
BOYESKY, WALTER (Anna), owns home, 
  glazier wks Wis Glazing Co Oshkosh, 
  Ford truck. 
COURTNEY, JAMES (Luella), rents home, 
FLARITY, TIMOTHY (May), owns home, 
GERTH, ROBT (Flora), owns home, re- 
  tired, Oakland car. 
GOBBS, WALTER, tel Winneconne 18F21, 
  elk White House Inn. 
HOCHMUTH, JOHN (Helen), owns home, 
  lunch room. 
                   "The Checkerboard Store" 
Eighth & Oregon Sts.   OSHKOSH, WIS.    Phone 110 
JOHNSTON, WILSY J (Gertrude), tel 
  Winneconne 17F21, owns home, fur 
  farmer, Ford car. 
KITZ, ROBT F (Ardella), owns home, 
  salesman, Ford car, children: Virginia. 
KONTOS, CHRIST G, tel Winneconne 18F- 
  21, owns home, (White House Inn), 
  Oldsmobile car. 
KRUMENACHER, EDW       (Elise), owns 
  home, janitor Paine Thrift Bank Osh- 
  kosh Wis, Dodge car. 
LOCKARD, HARRY     F   (Mildred), tel 
  Winneconne 18F21, rents home, restau- 
  rant, Studebaker car, children: Virginia. 
MOSES, DE WITT S, owns home, retired, 
  Ford car. 
O'DELL, MRS SARAH, tel Winneconne 
  17F14, grocery. 
POST OFFICE, Butte des Morts Wis, John 
  J Boe postmaster. 
RICKABY, ALBERT W, tel Winneconne 
  18F13, owns home, garage, Oldsmobile 
SCOVEL, HAROLD (Alice), owns home, 
  wks Oak Lawn Stock Farm. 
SCOVEL, MRS LAURA, Butte des Morts 
  P 0, tel Winneconne 17F31, owns 200 
  acres, "Oak Lawn Stock Farm," mixed 
  farming, Holstein Friesian cattle, Oak- 
  land car, Ford truck, Rumely tractor, 
  Rumely separator. 
SEIBERT, HERMAN (Anna), owns home, 
  eng C&NW Ry, Dodge car. 
SELLS, WM (Myrtle), owns home, mech, 
  Dodge car. 
STAEGE, CHAS, owns home, laborer, Ber- 
  tha, sister, resides. 
STEIER, JOHN P (Rachel), owns home, 
  lighthouse keeper, Hupmoblle car. 
TILLY, FRANK C (Viola), tel Winne- 
  conne 17F22, rents home, prop Butte des 
  Morts Inn, Ford car. 
WHITE HOUSE INN, tel Winneconne 18- 
  F21, (Christ G Kontos) restaurant, con- 
  fectionery and soda fountain. 
    18 Miles West of Oshkooh Near 
         UT. S. Highway 116. 
APPLEY, ROBT (Etta), tel Omro 284F1, 
  owns home, painter, Ford car, children: 
  Chevrolet car. 
BAREIS, HERBERT L, tel Omro 238F21, 
  owns home, hardware, Ford car. 
BARNETT, AUGUST (Addle), owns home, 
  retired, Ford car. 

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