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Shattuck, S. F., et. al (ed.) / A history of Neenah

The 1940's,   pp. 123-[142] PDF (4.5 MB)

Page 130

Harbor. The Neenah post changed its name to Hawley-lI)ieckhoff
Post for Douglas 1)ieckhoff who was on the Uva/ that morning; the
Menasha post changed the name of its unit to lenz-G(azecki in mem-
ory of Robert (Gazecki who died on the vtrizona.
  More than 38 other young men were tc (lie before the war ended,
in the Pacific, in Alaska, in the skies over Europe, in Italy and on the
beaches of Normandy.
V C and V7 )ays
  VE Day, or the end of the war in Europe, came Tuesday, May 8,
1945, and three months later, VJ day, the end of the war in Japan,
came August 14. Neenah prepared to welcome its veterans of World
War II home, while its industry began the task of returning to peace-
time pursuits again.
Chamber of Commerce
  In 194o Neenah formed a Chamber of Commerce of merchants and
businessmen, with Otto Lieber as the first President. Within this
group was to be set up a post-war planning group, following freezing
of all building and expansion during the war years.
  Edwin A. Kalfahs was Mayor of the city of Neenah in 1940, and
was to continue in that post until he retired in 1949. 194o also saw the
appointment of Irving Stilp as Chief of Police, a post which he holds
,N7ew Swimming Pool
  The summer of 1940 saw Neenah youngsters and even the adults
take their first swim in the new Neenah swimming pool and look over
the recreation building facilities on South Park Avenue. It had been
made possible by generous gifts of land and money to the city from
C. B. Clark and S. F. Shattuck. Within two years, on August 14, 15
and 16, the Women's National A.A.U. Outdoor Swimming and Diving
Championships were held in the Olympic-size pool. More than $i,ooo
in net proceeds from the championships was turned over to Navy
Relief. This outstanding event was brought to Neenah under the
auspices of the Chamber of Commerce. Officers and Directors of the

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