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First Presbyterian Church, Neenah, Wisconsin, 1848-1998; 150 years of mission and ministry

[History of the First Presbyterian Church, Neenah, Wisconsin],   pp. 8-73

Page 27

     Nation's oldest radio station 
     starts broadcasting as Univer- 
     sity of Wisconsin-Madison's 
     experimental station 9XM (now 
     WHA, Wisconsin Public 
1915: Havilah Babcock Bible Class 
     organizes. Originally a Sunday 
     morning Bible study, it later 
     became a Thursday afternoon 
     sewing group. Class members 
     established a bed fund at Theda 
     Clark Hospital to help those 
     who could not afford health 
     care, pledgee assistance to the 
     Near East Relief in Persia, sewed 
     quilts for the needy, and, one 
     year, filled 400 candy boxes for 
     the Church's Christmas tree. 
     During World War II, the class 
     sponsored a "Bundles for 
     Britain" project so outstanding 
     that the King of England 
     decorated two members of the 
     class for their work for "the 
     cause of freedom." 
     Jazz becomes popular. 
1916: The Rev. Daniel C. Jones, D.D. 
     is called to replace Dr. Marquis; 
     serves until 1932. 
     "Summertime," or daylight 
     savings time, is first introduced 
     in Great Britain. 
     24 states vote to prohibit the 
     sale of alcoholic beverages. 
     First Rose Bowl game is played. 
On May 12, 1925 the Boys Brigade 
celebrated its 25th anniversary with a 
banquet at First Presbyterian Church. 
The celebration was held "under joint 
auspices" of the Presbyterian Club of the 
Presbyterian Church, the Fraternity 
Club of the Methodist Church and the 
Brigade Old Boys Association. Speakers 
included C. B. Clark, president of the 
Presbyterian Club, and N. E. Brokaw, 
president of the Fraternity Club. The 
benediction was given by the Rev. D. C. 
Church interior after 1934. The main room 
was called the auditorium and the Sunday 
School rooms were behind the large doors which 
opened on to the auditorium. 
This article appeared in the local paper, date uknown but probably 
during the mid- to late- I 920s. 

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