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First Presbyterian Church, Neenah, Wisconsin, 1848-1998; 150 years of mission and ministry

Our Beginnings...,   pp. 2-3

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         The undersigned a committee of the Presbytery of Wisconsin acting
    the name & by the authority of said Presbytery having been requested
    organize a church at Winnebago Rapids Wisconsin 
ýst      Fully believing that God in his Providence had opened the
way for 
    such an organization & having examined the credentials of the applicants
    being satisfyed as to their Christian Character piety & soundness
in the faith 
    & having received from them their assents to & acknowledgments
of the 
    confession of faith & Form of Government of the Presbyterian Church
    the United States, did proceed on the 1 5th day of December 1848 to 
    constitute the following persons a Church of Jesus Christ to be called
    First Presbyterian Church of Winnebago Rapids & to be in connection
    under the care of the Presbytery of Wisconsin 
        The names of the members are Rev. Milton Huxly, Osial Wilcox, Loyal
    H. Jones & Mrs. Matilda Jones, Mr. Asa Jones & Mrs. Rhoda W.
Jones, Mr. 
    Robert Owen & Mrs. Mary Owen, Mr. R. M. Davis, Mr. Perrine Yale,
0  Sarah Yale, Miss Clarrissa B. Yale, Mrs. Emeline Danforth, Mrs. Mary Ann
   Scott, Mrs. Lemisa J. Robertson, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Weed, Miss Emily 
        The church having been organised proceeded to make choice of its
officers. When Mr. Milton Huxly & Loyal H. Jones were duly elected Ruling
Elders & Mr. Osial Wilcox a Deacon on the day following (the 16th day
December) after sermon and in the presence of the Congregation Mr. Jones
& Mr. Wilcox were set apart by prayer according to the order of the gospels
to the respective offices to which they had been chosen. And Mr. Huxly 
being already an ordained Minister in the Church of Christ was installed
an Elder in this Church. 
                                              Thomas Frasier 
                                              Elias S. Peck 
                                              Ministers of the Presbytery
                                              of Wisconsin 

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