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Hong, Edna Hatlestad, 1913- / Muskego boy

Chapter 6: Milwaukee to Muskego,   pp. [39]-46

Page 44

"So your name is Yes, huh? Hello, Yes, Yes, YES! How are you, Yes?"
Per's face became very red and his fists doubled up. 
"Oho, Yes wants to fight, does he?" jeered the boys. "Come
on, then! 
Come on, Yes! We'll send you lickety-split back to where you came from. 
Come on !" 
Mikkel and Per "came on"! 
And it wasn't long before two grubby, barefoot boys did the running 
lickety-split back to where they came from. 
"Shall we chase them?" asked Per. 
"No," grunted Mikkel, wiping his bloody nose on his sleeve. 
"I wish I knew what we said to make them laugh," puzzled Mikkel
they trudged back to the pier. 
At the pier Far and Uncle Knud were busy loading the chests on a wagon 
and did not notice Mikkel's mussed hair and puffy eye. 
"Come on, Mikkel. Help swing up some of these lighter things. Our good
friend from Muskego will be back in a minute, and he'll expect us to be 
ready. We have to go twenty miles or so, and oxen don't have wings on their
Wings on their feet-I guess not ! Mikkel, swinging his legs on top of the
pile of chests, had to laugh at the oxen lumbering along the dusty, deeply-
rutted road that dodged stumps and skirted the banks of swamps southwest
of Milwaukee. Wouldn't Lars snicker if he saw him now! Good thing he 
hadn't told him about that chariot with golden wheels! Mikkel looked at 
Karen. He wondered what she was thinking. 
But Karen slept. And Baby Kristi slept. Mor and Aunt Martha's heads 
nodded and wagged with each jolt of the wagon. Bestemor sat huddled up 
and stared at nothing. The three men walking alongside the oxen talked in

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