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Hong, Edna Hatlestad, 1913- / Muskego boy

Chapter 4: Two months on a sailboat,   pp. [23]-30

Page 28

"Who was that?" chimed Mikkel and Karen together when the couple
had walked away. 
"That is Herr Clausen and his wife. He is a schoolmaster from Den- 
"Are they high class people?" asked Mikkel. 
"Can't you hear that from the way he talks, Mikkel?" asked Uncle
Knud. "I tell you, that man speaks the finest book language I have ever
"If Herr and Fru Clausen are fine folk, they must live in one of the
cabins on first deck, up there where the lumberman's son, S0ren Bache, and
the rich cabinetmaker from Drammen and his wife are." 
"Of course," answered Mor, as if there were no question about that.
For dinner that Pentecost day they had cream porridge made from some 
precious evaporated cream which Mor had saved for this great Lord's day.
Mor brought out some lefse, too-nealy folded like a handkerchief. What a
feast it was after the sour milk and flatbread and potatoes they had been
ing for over a week! 
The real fun came when they neared the Straits of Dover. The wind 
whooped through the narrow channel and tried desperately to drive them 
back to Norway. Mikkel and Per leaned over the railing and watched the 
boat's nose plough through the waves. They laughed when the deck reared 
up like a balky horse and sent them tumbling. They wanted to laugh when 
they saw people carrying dirty water to throw overboard spill it all over
someone carrying a kettle of newly-made soup-but they didn't! 
It wasn't so funny, though, when the sailors ordered everybody below 
and fastened the hatches so the waves wouldn't wash in and drown them. 
It was terribly dark and hot and stuffy down below, and almost all the old

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