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Cronin, Katherine L. / Musical mixers and group dances

Virginia reel,   pp. 17-18 PDF (596.1 KB)

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-18- U. of W. , U. E. D., B. of D. A.
     Musical Mixers and Group Dances
Formation --
Two parallel lines facing about six feet apart.
Women in one line, men in the other, hands joined
down the line. Six couples make a convenient
number for a set, but in thi3 version there is no
limit to the number that may take part, and a
large line rather adds to the fun.   Couple 1 is
the couple at the end of the line nearer the
     a. Both lines advance toward each other 4 steps, and
         fall back 4 steps. Repeat this.
     b. Both lines advance again, and join right arm with
         his partner, turns her around o:nap and returns to
         place.  (3 counts of music.)
     c.  All comles advance, join left liands, turn once
         around and return to place.   (3 counts.)
     d. All coimhes Rdvance, Joirn both hawds, turn once
         around and reiturn.   (B counts.)
     e. All adrinces each passes his partner (right shoulder)
         moves >auk to back, and returns to place.
     Couple 1 dividesc the woman leading down outside of the
women's line feollo ved by all the women.  The first man leads
the men in same mannler. All dancers teap hands during this
counter-march. On reaching the end of tae line Couple 1 joins
hands fornirn an arch. All couples, after passing through,
form arch in order so that the last couple has a long row of
arches through which to pass.
     All drop hands, take two steps backward and are ready to
start again.

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