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Cronin, Katherine L. / Musical mixers and group dances

Nixie polka,   pp. 13-14 PDF (591.6 KB)

Paul Jones figures,   p. 14 PDF (319.2 KB)

Peter Pan schottische,   pp. 14-15 PDF (550.6 KB)

Page 14

-14- U. or W.8 U. E. D., B. or D. A.      12634       VH
     Musical Mixer  and Group Danoes
     Formation -- Single circle, facing center.    One or more in the
                   center as leaders.
          All take a slow hop on left foot, placing right foot
     forward with the heel touching the floor and the toe raised.
     Then all hop on right foot, with left foot forward.    Repeat
     these two hops.-
          Leader runs 21 steps and then stands before the person be
     choses as his partner; people forming circle always take
     running steps in place.   On last tvo notes, all stamp.1-
          All repeat the four hops.   Then the leader makes a half
     turn and his partner places both hands on the leader's
     shoulders.  They take the 21 running steps and they both stop
     before the second person to be chosen.
          All repeat the four hops.   Then the leader and his first
     partner make half turn.   The person just chosen puts hands on
     leader's shoulder.  Leader put hands on shoulders of the first
     person chosen, so that person is now the new leader.
          Repeat until all are in the line.
Paul Jones Figures
     Waysof getting partners.
          1.  Grand right and left with music; get partner when
              music stops.
          2.  Two circles, one inside other, facing opposite
              directions, marching to music; wvhen music stops stand
              near new partner and talk until music begins.
          3. Girls join hands in circle, raising arms as windows.
              Boys join hands and wind in and out the windows until
              boys' circle is complete, then step to right or left
              to new partner.
Peter Pan Schottische
     Musio -- Any good, old-fashioned schottisohe or popular fox-
              trot music may be used.
     Formation -- In couples -- Gentleman's right arm about lady's
                   shoulder, holding her right hand in his, and
                   holding her left hand in his left hand.

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