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Cronin, Katherine L. / Musical mixers and group dances

Greeting and meeting,   pp. 9-10 PDF (598.4 KB)

Jingle bells,   pp. 10-11 PDF (726.6 KB)

Page 10

-10- U. of W.$ U. E, D., B. of D. A.      12634 3   VH
      Musical Mixers and Group Denoe;
           Both hands joined as in skating, couples face in line
      of direction and all skip clockwise around the circle, singing
      "Tra-la-la" instead of the words to the song.
           At end of dance the lady steps backward and takes the next
      maz for a partner. Repeat dance as often as desired each time
      Ohanging partners.
      Note:  Music iz played faster for skipping step. ,
           Formation -- Single circle, all factog centre, with one
                         (or more if circle is large) in centre.
                Instead of everybody going through all the action the
           one in the centre stands in front of one in the circle as
           the music starts and just these two go through the action
           described above. At the end, they separate and as the
           music is repeated each chooses a new partner from the
           circle, and so as the dance is repeated; each time the
           nu.aber in the contre increases, and at last all are
           skipping around in a double circle.
 Jingle Bells
                _P~~~~~~~ _
      Formation -- Doubl.'e circle, partners facin3.
           The daice rmay accompany the -0ords of the song indicated
                "J'ngle bells, jingle bells, jin-le all the way,"
      Jonr. partner's hanĀ±ds RAid take eight slides counter-olockwise.
                "Oh, whant fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh,"
      Take eight slides clocL-wise.
. .. ~ i~

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