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Cronin, Katherine L. / Musical mixers and group dances

Good-night, ladies,   pp. 7-8 PDF (579.9 KB)

Grand march figures,   pp. 8-9 PDF (609.4 KB)

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-8-  U. of W., U. E. D., B.-of D. A.      12834       VH
     Musical Mixers and Group Danoes
                "Good-night, ladies,"
     All move forward one place as in a grand right and left, and
     shake left hands with that person.
                "Good-night, ladies,"
     Move on one mo're place, shake right hands with that person.
                "We're going to leave you now."
     Then give that person the left hand (still hold the right hand)
     and face in couples in counter-clockwise direction (skater's
     Chorus: "Merrily we roll along, roll along, roll along,
               Merrily we roll along, o'er the dark blue sea."
     During the chorus all skip around circle with the last
     partner. Finish, facing partner in a single circle ready to
     begin from the beginning. Repeat as many times as desired.
Grand March Figures
     1. Around hall in couples.
         Note: In order to get a line of couples it may be well to
                have ladies line up on one side of the hall and men
                on the other side. Then have both lines face one
                end of the room and with the music march around
                toward each other and down the center in 2's.
     2. Down centre in 2's.
     3. First couple right, second couple left, etc.
     4, Go round the room -- the couple leading onch line watching
         to keep up with the other.   Meet and ccn1o dovri by 4's.
     i.  First 4 right, second 4 left, etc. aro.und ths hull.
     6. Meet and oame down oentre by 8's.
     7. Separate into 4's, and around hall.
     8.  Meet and fa1l into line of 4's, ant! come down ountre.
     9.  Separate into B's and around hall.
     Ad. Lines m et.  Thalead of goin; dovn co tri One tine of
         couples ferm arohes by joining inside nn s, (thee line
         pass through (both lines moving), Next Uin.e i:.res Peet
         other line form the arches.
   S I

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