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Cronin, Katherine L. / Musical mixers and group dances

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U. of W., U. B. D., B. of D. A.       12634.     VH
Musioal Mixers and Group Dances
          1. If anyone is without a partner after the music stops,
              he should step quickly. to the centre of the circle
              to find one.
          2.  Instead of merely shaking hands try calling each
              new partner by name, find out where he comes from,
              what-the color of his eyes is, who his favorite movie
              actress Is, etc.
"The Birdies Sing"
     Music -- The popular song, "Let's All Sing Like the Birdies
              Sing," or any i5/S time music.
     Formation -- Double circle facing counter-clockwise.
          Beginning with outside foot (that is, the foot away from
     your partner), point toe forward, side, and back, and turn
     in same direction that foot has moved. Then make another
     quarter turn so partners are facing. Partners join hands.
     Step and bend clockwise and then repeat with other foot.
     Holding partner's hands take four slides eounter-clockwise;
     then with inside hands joined, take three walking steps in
     same direction, starting with foot near partner, and on
     fourth count have toe pointing ready to repeat the dance.
Broom Dance
     MusiQ -- Any dance music.
     Formation -- Couples dancing waltz, fox-trot, etc.
          One odd person dances with a broom. He may hand the broom
     to another person who is dancing and take the partner of that

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