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Green, Joy Martinson / Malone School : District No. 2, Springdale Township, Dane County, WI : a compilation of memorabilia

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This publication came about in a most usual way. It had been 43 years
since the one-room Malone School had closed it's doors. It wouldn't be
much longer and our living history would be lost forever. A reunion was
long past due. My family and I decided to organize the event. We were
immediately innundated with artifacts from those who wanted to share
their memories with others. We were inspired to gather more information
and compile the memorabilia into this publication for everyone to enjoy.
I originally pictured a small souvenir booklet and set about to create
just that. As you can see, my project got a bit out of hand. It involved
much more time and energy than I had envisioned, but I enjoyed every
minute of it. A labor of love, some might say.
I began to make a list of acknowledgements, and soon realized I would be
omitting more than I can remember. If I had known at the start where this
project was headed, I would have kept records for this purpose.
Please accept my apologies for this oversight.
Suffice it to say, this publication came from the hearts of all the former
students and teachers, their families, friends and neighbors of
the Malone School community.
This is the second printing.
A few corrections were made to the original
and six pages of additional information were added.
Joy Martinson
125 Jennifer Circle
Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

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