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Giffey, David / The people's stories of South Madison
Volume 1 (2001)

Gerald Herr,   pp. 23-24 PDF (978.1 KB)

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tough time. I have a older brother. He has eight children. All the children
not listen to him. They just do
whatever they want to do. And he is very depressed. He was a soldier for
the CIA in Laos, and he shoot a lot
the bazooka. So his ear is deaf.
In this country it's very difficult for you to discipline your kids. You
have to follow the law or the rules of
the United States here. And your kids are going around, and they are not
going to school. They blame you.
They say, why don't you take care of your kids? And when you discipline them,
they say, that's not right for
you to discipline like that.
I don't see "South Madison." This is America.
I'm the clan leader of the Her family in Madison. So of course when we have
some occasion like New
Year's celebration, I go if they need a speech to say something.
I like the city to provide more policemen to work around this area. So to
eliminate the people who try to
sell some bad thing like drugs in this area. I like this area to be valuable
in the future.
Last two years they kill black men on the corner there. So this make me very
scared. In this country,
since you live peaceful, something like this happens and it makes you very
scared. I still don't understand
why they say they work with the law and they control people. But they are
not going to do what they say.
They are not really working like the law say. They are not working hard.
According to my country, they have
the police work harder than this country.
We don't talk about the good people. We just talk about the bad people. Even
my people. We have some
good people, we have some bad people. Any kind of people, we have some good
ones and bad ones. I don't
blame every white people. I don't blame everybody. Just some.
My name is Ger. And when I become a United States citizen, I add a-l-d.
I worked in the office of a group of soldiers. Each group of us had one American.
The person I worked
with, when I got to the United States I asked for him. I met one of his friends.
He told me that he was killed
at Angola, Africa. I think he was still working CIA.
He was white. They didn't send any black CIA to my country. No. All white.
No black people there. U
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