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Frey-Doering, Kathy; Zanella Albright, Kathy A. / How to teach: chronological age-appropriate activities for school aged moderately and severely handicapped students

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         The publication A Longitudinal Listing of Chronological Age- 
Appropriate Activities for School Aged Moderately and Severely Handi- 
capped Students    provided the major impetus for compiling this volume.
After reviewing it and exploring "what" to teach, it was evident
was a need to address "how" to teach. An inservice sharing session
revealed that one of the best ways to obtain new and varied ideas was 
through direct communication with other teachers. Unfortunately this 
is not-always possible. Therefore w-p developed this volume to serve as 
an indirect tool for this type of informational exchange. 
         The volume was compiled not as a "recipe" but as a resource.
In other words, the content of this volume should be used to stimulate 
teaching techniques that are best suited to your student population. 
In our view, this can only be done by adapting and individualizing the 
ideas presented. The content of the volume was based on material ideas, 
lesson plans, examples of data sheets, and sequences employed in our 
classrooms.   If anyone feels that we have inadvertently appropriated 
his/her property, please inform us so we can give proper credit. 
         The binder format was devised to facilitate further expansion 
and constant revision. Sharing is an essential ingredient in this 
process.   It is hope that you, as teachers in the system, will contribute
to the development of this volume by submitting a written summary of 
your ideas to your program support teacher. 
        A special thanks to Alison Ford for helping to coordinate this 
project and to Ruth Loomis, our Specialized Educational Services Coordinator,
for her continuous support and for the opportunity to make this volume 
                                      Kathy Fre.y-Doering, Schenk Middle
                                      Kathy Zanella, Jefferson Middle School
January 1982 
* Obtain from: Specialized Educational Services 
                Madison Metropolitan School District 
                545 West Dayton Street 
                Madison, Wisconsin   5 37 03            EDUCATIONAL REFERENCE
                                  :fil-! ,. ;.,"  M DISON METROPOLITAN
                                      " ;"             54,5 WST

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