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Ho-nee-um trail in the fall

Kline, Virginia; Brown, Charles E.
[Indian legends and stories about Ho-nee-um Pond],   pp. 2-6

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                            THE MARSTON SPRING 
                               (Arboretum Story) 
                                                   Written by Charles E.
      All of the old settlers of this old Monroe Street neighborhood once
to this fine spring, which flows near the edge of the Kenneth Jensen Wheeler
council ring in the University Arboretum, for their daily supply of spring
This little story about this spring was told to the writer by a former resident
the vicinity during a recent gathering at the council ring (June 11, 1938).
      When he was a boy his mother once sent him with two wooden buckets
be filled with water at the spring. These he carried by means of a wooden
      At the spring the boy filled his pails. These he left beside the spring
while he wandered down along the stream. Near where it entered the lake he
caught two medium-sized mud turtles. These he thought a real prize. Of course
he wanted to take them home. His hands would be full with the pails so he
at first 
tried to carry them by putting them in the bosom of his flannel shirt. They
scratched his skin in crawling around so he took them out. He thought it
be all right to put one in each of the pails of spring water especially if
took them out before going into the house. This done, he shouldered his yoke
and carried the pails home. In the yard he met his mother who was horrified
to see the turtles in the pails. After she had scolded him and cuffed him
she sent him back to the spring again after two more pails of water. So he
well punished for bringing home turtles in her water pails. 

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