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Exploring Ho-nee-um in the spring

Outline of themes,   pp. 5-6

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                          OUTLINE OF THEMES 
   These are ideas which appear in the script. Children should be encouraged
   to add their own observations related to the different headings. 
Spring changes 
     Melting ice and snow 
     Earthworm castings 
     New growth: 
           Leaves on trees and shrubs 
           New needles on tamarack 
           Water lily pads on water 
           Seedlings of wild cucumber 
     Blossoms on trees and shrubs: 
           Shadbush, bur oak, poison ivy, cottonwood, American elm, box elder,
           high bush cranberry, pussywillow 
      Spring wildflowers: 
           Violets, bloodroot, white trout lily, marsh marigold 
     Bird migration: 
           Some passing through: hermit thrush, ducks 
           Some arriving to build nests: robin, catbird, oriole, mallard
     Appearance of chipmunks 
Habitat ideas - (some things which wild plants and animals need) 
           Robins need good worm hunting areas. 
           Birds need bushes for "cover", food, nesting. 
           Birds and animals need water. 
           Migrating birds need safe stopover places. 
           Some animals and plants need wetland areas. 
           Turtles, toads need different habitats at different stages of
their lives. 
           Woodland wildflowers need undisturbed woodlands. 
           Fish need unpolluted water to live in. 
Some effects of man 
           Lawn mowing, parking lots 
           Use of DDT 
           Creation of a refuge 
           Planting of shrubs and trees: in yards, in refuges, in hedgerows
           Causing wildflowers to become scarce 
           Planting (and protecting) wildflowers 
           Plowing of prairies 
           Laws to protect song bird nests 
           Building of Council Ring 
           Building streets and houses (effects on spring water) 
           Draining of marshes (effects on wildlife and lakes) 
           Use of land to produce special food crops for large population
           Pollution of lakes 

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