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Exploring Ho-nee-um in the spring

Bibliography,   pp. 3-4

Page 3

     Leopold, Aldo, Sand County Almanac 
           A delightful collection of essays ranging from sensitive descriptions
           of the inhabitants of the natural world to the author's thoughts
           the land - a philosophy which has had far-reaching effects in
           conservation field. 
     Milne, Lorus and Margery, Balance of Nature 
           Some examples of disastrous, though often well meant, interference
           by man in natural systems. 
     Sachse, Nancy, A Thousand Ages 
           A history of the University of Wisconsin Arboretum. 
     Watts, May T., Reading the Landscape 
           Story-like explanations and charming sketches which give the reader
           a new historical and ecological understanding of the natural landscape.
     Archbald, Dave, Quick Key to Trees 
     Emlen, John and Archbald, Dave, Quick Key to Birds 
           Easy method of identification and fun for children. 
     Barker, Will, Familiar Insects of America 
           Life histories of common insects. 
     Golden Nature Guide Series 
              Insects          Non-flowering Plants 
              Mammals          Pond Life 
           Simple identification to common species. 
     Jackson, H.H.T., Mammals of Wisconsin 
           Information and pictures 
      Peterson, R&T., Field Guide to the Birds 
          A complete guide to bird identification. 
     Badger History  resource unit "Wisconsin Indians" has a good
           on "The Woodland Indians" written for classroom use.
It is available 
           from the State Historical Society, $1 single copy. Ten or more
           $.50 each. 

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