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Selections by Aaron Bohrod of his paintings

[Printed script for filmstrip],   pp. 13-24

Page 21

"6.*.*..I signed my name on the corner of an old can- 
celled check and it is, I think, a little hidden as though 
it had fallen to the ground rather carelessly and in 
inspecting what that particular patch of ground 
contained, the signature was revealed among the 
other objects." 
"How long did it take to paint the Eastern Orthodox?" 
      "The painting Eastern Orthodox is one of my 
moderate-size paintings. It measures, I think, about 
16 inches wide and 20 inches high, and for a painting 
of about that size I usually have to work about one 
month. That is 30 full days of enjoyable painting. 
"This painting was one of a series of pictures that 
I did that were related to the principal religions of 
the United States. I did this series a few years ago, 
and this particular work gathered together many of 
the symbols of the Eastern Orthodox Church, so that 
a certain historical story was being related. 
"The cross used in the composition was a cross that 
came from a Russian source, but it contains the 
characteristic Greek raised lettering that is used 
throughout the Eastern Orthodox religion. 
"The icon, that is the painting that was used here, 
actually came from a Greek mosaic and every little 
square slab of porcelain that was used in the com- 
position was painted and, of course, it tended to 
reflect a kind of work that was used quite extensively 
in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. 

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